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The practical Real Estate Investing advice with actual examples. Able to understand it without too much real estate investing knowledge. Good to absorb your own knowledge and experience. I would definitely be interested in future events it was great meeting other people as well.


” I met Howard at a local Real Estate Networking event in Winnipeg about a few months ago…. They have extended connections in various areas such as realtors, property managers, mortgage brokers, tradesmen, etc to work with them. They are very knowledge and active in the market in Canada and US, even internationally in Asia. They’re people with the real intention and passion to work with people who want to invest in Real Estate.”
Zenan Wang
Castle Mortgage Group

Howard and Mandys’, Hay2Brick Investment seminar is full of great information and insight for experienced and budding investors. They have taken from their proven real-world experience and summarized the key aspects of researching and executing deals. Their experience is unique and more valuable because of their global focus on investing and finding deals.



Ray Gee

My husband and I met Howard and Mandy Lau a few years ago and were instantly attracted to their in-depth real estate investing knowledge and positive energy. So, when, a year or so later, we found out about them hosting real estate seminar, we’ve signed up right away. The event was excellent. Everything – presentation, organization, atmosphere, information shared – was practical, to-the point, laid out in terms that were simple& easy to understand for people who did not have experience with real estate investing. We’ve tremendously enjoyed our time and look forward to attending HAYTO BRICK seminars in the future
Veronica Pepin
Your 2017 Real Estate Seminar was very informative and interesting. There are many strategies for real estate investing, and a lot to learn. Your seminarprovided valuable information that is not taught in schools. Many people only learn about what their close family and friends know, so it was a great resource. The seminar was a small and very personable group so I was able to do some networking and meetup again with some of the other attendees again later.
Roy Christensen

king Nerio Sibulo

Great Presentation !

I know nothing about Real Estate. I found it (seminar) very useful. Very good discussion.
E. W.


” If it is Howard taking care of it, we will have no worries”
Agnes Ting
Real Estate Investor

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