Hay2Brick is a Canadian based company that invests in commercial real estate across the United States and Canada.  Over the last decade, the company has grown from buying small residential dwellings in Canada to acquiring an investing portfolio with international markets, including the United States, South China and Hong Kong, China.  We work with a large extended team of local and highly qualified professionals to ensure success for our investments.



Howard Lau, Principal


Mandy Ng, Principal


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Based in Canada, Howard Lau and Mandy Ng have been actively investing in real estate for more than 10 years.  Their foray into real estate started with buying and managing single family properties in their local market which eventually led to investing in properties in the US and Asia.


With a disciplined approach to investing, they have been able to grow their portfolio by investing in properties that generate healthy returns.   Over the last decade, Howard and Mandy has amassed an international portfolio with properties in Canada, US, China and China Hong Kong.  Currently, they are focusing on growing their portfolio of multi-family properties.





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P:  1 (866)-991-1336


E:  Info@hay2brick.com